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Katherine Chaffin 


Cell / Text  970-739-3548

Here on the main page of the BLOG, you will find posts about XTROV, real estate, property management and of things related to home and all that entails. If you click into the Blog, by the drop-down arrow, you will find more posts relating to other important things in Katherine's life.  

Katherine's Blog

An ongoing series of informational real estate related entries

Glitter Be Gone

Sunday    January 5, 2020

Since these auto robot vacuums first came out, I have wanted one.  However, the price tag was a bit on the steep side.   $700 you've got to be kidding!!  Well, Christmas rolls around, but everyone knows that buying a vacuum as a gift is the Wrong Thing to Do.  No one wants more WORK for a present.   However, in my case with 9, yes 9 inside cats - I am seeing LESS work.   So the Cats sprang for the vacuum as a present to the house.  Cats don't know about the "No Appliance Present Rule" so it was okay.   The "robot" is a bit of an intimidating creature at first.  The directions talk a lot about cleaning this and replacing that.  The very first thing the directions tell you to do - in a gliff, not words, is to hook the thing up to your PHONE through the Robot App.   What in the world?  Okay, I did it.  I can now start my vacuum from anywhere any time I feel like it.   Isn't that convenient?   BTW, I did NOT hook my washing machine up to my phone - you have to draw the line somewhere.   Back to the Robot - I am happy to say it works quite nicely.   You push some buttons and off it goes.   I am not convinced that it really is "mapping" the floor so it knows exactly where it has and has not been.   I think it has more to do with how many things it bumps into and how it has to navigate to move around the obstacles it encounters.   I was really glad to see it did not vacuum up the fringe of the rugs and either ruin the fringes - as a regular vacuum can - or get stuck.   It is designed to bump into things - like furniture or the wall, make its course corrections and keep going.  It bumps gently and I I don't think it is going to damage anything.  I hope it can take all the bumping.  It looks well made as that is a critical matter of design - so let's hope!   It will take itself to the base unit and self-clean when needed.  However, I have manually dumped the dust trap to reduce the amount of dirt going into the bag.  You have to replace the bags when full.  It came with one extra, but after that, you have to buy them.  The other reason was to see how well it cleaned.   The floor did not look that dirty - other than a bunch of glitter everywhere.   The dirt in the filter was super fine, not something one could easily see.   In the bigger trap, it collects whatever else may be on the floor.    I am glad the cats decided to help me out this Christmas.    It picks up cat fluff quite nicely.  

Happy New Year 2020

Wednesday    January 1, 2020

A new decade for all and the opportunity for XTROV to provide real estate and related services in Montezuma and Dolores counties for a second decade.  WOO HOO - we are looking forward to the Journey. 

A snapshot of an XTROV Property Management Pro Doing what It Takes

A day in the life...

No kidding, this is not a staged picture.  Art is at home on a weekend.  He is on two phones AT ONCE solving the latest property management crisis.  One line is the tenant and the other line is the solution provider.   Art is the middle person, in this case quite literally, coordinating all parties so the fix will be made.  In property management, it is not IF something will break or go wrong, it is WHAT and WHEN.   

Grand Opening Garden Party

Thursday, June 8 2016

Thanks to the Cortez Area Chamber of Commerce for helping us celebrate XTROV Realty's new office at 444 East Montezuma Avenue with a Grand Opening ribbon-cutting ceremony.  Definitely one of the best parties of the summer - with live music with Donny Johnson, prime rib from Shilohs, and over 125 guests.   

WE BUY HOUSES is BACK - now XTROV offers the best of both worlds. 

 XTROV will buy your house or, if we can't buy - we can sell it for you!

Sat.    January 18, 2020

If you've been in Cortez for a while, you might remember the WE BUY HOUSES billboards on either end of Cortez that helped to launch XTROV's journey into buying and leasing houses creatively and directly from owners.   We were in this business heavily from 2002 to 2008.  It is how Katherine learned to do real estate.  During that time, we completed 40+ transactions from Dove Creek to Mancos.   After the market crash in 2008, Katherine ended up becoming a REALTOR.  It was a great decision because it expanded her ability to help people buy, sell, rent and invest.   However, due to the large amount of energy and effort it takes to do that kind of work on behalf of other people, Katherine's personal purchase of real estate slowed down a bit.  However, 2020 is a brand new year and it is TIME to add back buying directly into the mix of services offered.   Katherine is excited to get back to directly buying homes as a principal, not as a REALTOR.   No commissions in this kind of purchase!!    For a home to qualify for purchase, the seller must be flexible on terms.   There are many ways to sell and buy a house outside of the more well-known ways.   The beauty is that IF Katherine can't buy the house directly, she can still help the owner sell it in her capacity as a REALTOR.   XTROV can now offer the best of both worlds.   BUY it outright or SELL it!!   Let us talk options soon!!

Inconvenient Happenings - it is SO much easier for Owners to Have XTROV as his/her Property Manager than to handle the late day and night calls him or herself...

Sat.    January 18, 2020

It happened again yesterday afternoon.  It was a FR around 4 pm.   Andi brought to Katherine's attention that the inspection that Barb had just completed discovered water in the pan underneath the home's water heater.   First please note, that we were doing a maintenance inspection.  The tenants did not know that there was a problem.   The owner certainly didn't know.   We, as the property managers, were doing our job - proactively checking on the condition of a home we manage.   Then shazam, we discovered a problem that needed attention sooner than later.  The last thing we need is a water heater flooding the house and/or the tenant being left without hot water going into a weekend.  Finding a plumber late in the day and on a FR to boot, is not something to take lightly.  Plumbers work very hard, keep long hours and have many people needing their help.  Luckily, XTROV people have been in the business long enough to know lots of people and have their cell phones handy.    The owner's favorite plumber was called.  He answered.  He helped to triage the issues, helped with a workaround to keep the tenants in hot water in the short term,  and he agreed to go to the house on Saturday to correct whatever the problem turns out to be.  The tenant is happy.  The owner will be notified and kept in the loop, and the problem will be solved.   Just another day in the life of property managers.  It was not the owner who spent an hour and a half after hours finding the solution.   If you'd like to not be the one dealing with your rental management problems next time, give us a call.   We are here for you.

You Get to Know Your Properties' Quirks when in Property Management

Another day in the life...

 It happened again.  Early this morning - and today is a Saturday, the XTROV phone starts ringing at 8 am.  That is usually a sign that something of importance is going on.  An 8 am call just has a certain "ring" to it - especially on a weekend.   A quick call to the tenant revealed that her heater stopped working some time in the night.  It is cold right now so this was a matter of concern.   Not even an hour later, Art was at her house re-lighting the pilot light.  Luckily, that was all it was even though the tenant said she had tried multiple times to light it herself.  It was windy last night.   Art knows that heater by heart.  It is an old house, with a new enough heater, but it is quirky.  If you did not know how to push the various buttons - which Art says takes at least 3 hands - not sure how he pulls that one off - the pilot will not stay lit.  Another example of XTROV doing our job.   It is not convenient and it is not easy.  We care about our tenants and want them warm and happy.   Plus, the owner does not live here and if she did, probably would not want to be trying to light a heater at the crack of day on a weekend.  Thanks Art.  You rock.