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Strength Training Can Change Your Life

An ongoing series of informational entries


Januart 20, 2020

I read this book by C. Crowley and Dr. H. Lodge a year or so before I ended up with cancer.    I read it, agreed with it and put the book away.  You have to have your own reasons for doing anything.  Outside influences can influence you, but they won't make you change your life.   The book is about living in a way to slow physical decline to the greatest extent possible.  To do that, DAILY EXERCISE IS A MUST.   They make it quite clear.  Without exercise, you ROT and then you DIE.  That sounds fun.  As grim as the truth was, it did not get me out of my non-exercise lifestyle.    I had no immediate reason to change anything.  I was thin enough and healthy enough that I had always made it through life unscathed - so why bother??    Now, I look at things a bit differently.   I might not make it through life at all if I don't do a few good things for myself.   When I saw the words in an ad for a strength training video "Strength Training Can Change Your Life" something clicked.  I ordered the video.   When it came, I started on "the rest of my life" exercise program.  No, it's not pretty.   I am out of shape and awkward doing the moves.   But, I am doing them.   It is now a priority vs something I might do IF I have any leftover time which I never would have.    Today, my muscles are a little sore, but less so than yesterday.  This morning I did my strength training session.  I am not using ANY weights yet.  My own arms and legs are plenty for now.   My 2.5 lb dumbbells are in the corner for when I think I can add them in.  I also walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes.   Piece of cake.   I listened to some great real estate training materials and walked away.   I have to thank cancer for getting me out of my rut before it killed me.